Governor Bob Jackson

My Great SWONT Optimists
As we approach the halfway mark of our Optimist year, I thought it appropriate to reflect on what has been and what we can look forward to in the next six months. 
My greatest disappointment has been the lack of in-person meetings due to covid. However, zoom meetings have been held at Club, Zone and District levels permitting us to see each others’ smiling faces. The pandemic has not stopped great things happening in the District. At least three new adult clubs are being formed as well as two new JIO clubs. Many clubs have not stopped serving the children and their communities with innovative programs and events. A number of clubs and individuals have reached out into their communities with the result being new members have been added to Optimism. All this in just six short months.
The next six months will be equally exciting. New leadership will be chosen to lead us into another year led by Governor-Elect Mike Cogliati. It is important to complete the Club Officer election report by May 20 which can be done on line this year. This is important even if your exec doesn’t change because OI and District may not be aware of your club’s bylaws. The WOW program allows clubs to look at different ways to increase participation and membership.  International Day of Happiness is on March 20 so don’t forget to show the world how happy it is to be an Optimist. Time is running out to complete the LMS training. For Clubs to reach Honour status the Pres., Sect./Treas. and Foundation rep must take this training. Optimist Junior Golf qualifiers will begin shortly. Hopefully, the next Mike Weir or Brooke Henderson will come from SWONT. Our very own SWONT Convention on August 20-22,2021 at Stoneridge Inn will hopefully be in person with great events planned by Kitchener West and don’t forget the 103rd Optimist International Convention on June 29 – July 3, 2021 in Atlanta Georgia. Hopefully, the border will be open by then. These are just a few of the wonderful events happening in the next six months. As always keep safe.
Bob Jackson