Governor Mike Cogliati

Social Interaction


Everyone benefits from social interaction. We have a network of interactions from family, friends, co-workers, teammates, fellow Optimists. It’s part of the makeup of our clubs. We are all social beings. Whether it’s cooperation or conflict, the social interactions within our club guide its decisions and presence in the community. Hopefully there are plenty positive outcomes. Our service projects have an impact on our community and the youth we serve. Unfortunately, covid has curtailed numerous social activities through the maze of changing restrictions. Let’s hope restrictions end, and even more important that a new serious variant never appears. The youth have lost a year and a half of social development and may be physically, emotionally, and mentally affected as a result. Zoom lessons for the youth or zoom meetings for us are limiting in interactive quality. Even worse are the sporting activities that have been curtailed, limiting physical interaction, team development and leadership. Not all projects may be successful as clubs and communities transition out of covid hibernation. Mistakes or failures may occur, but the important part is to keep trying projects for the interaction development of our youth. Double the efforts and projects to make up for the lost year and a half. Maybe it’s time to try new activities – bring a new option for your club to consider and put your heart into the effort for success. Those in your community may want to get back to ‘normal’ with the social interaction that joining an Optimist club provides. It’s time to move forward by networking, not only with members of our own club, but also those of other clubs. Youth mimic the adults that they encounter in their development, so let’s show our Optimism. We’ve started out in the isolation of covid hibernation and need to remember that the finish line is socially, mentally, physically, and emotionally developed youth.