Awards and Rewards

SWONT District #45 

2021-2022 Incentives

Achievements and Awards (A&A) Report

Welcome to the Achievements and Awards
(A&A) Report

This is a friendly competition for all clubs in the SWONT
district. The form is attached and has been revised. It
can be submitted digitally or printed off and filled in.
This report is accumulative, please fill out for the first
quarter and just keep adding to it in the next quarters. If
you have any questions or would like help please contact
me. Rules and submission dates are at the end of the
Thank you,
Emily Finch

Starting Line

Clubs staking a new club will receive a Governor banner patch key staking club members and the new club president will receive a Governors pin. 

Junior Racer

Race an adult club that builds a JOI club will receive a Governor banner patch along with one for the JOI club. Governor Bob will also host a joint Spagahatti or Pizza dinner for the adult club and JOI club. 

Drive Forward

Clubs hosting a NOW or membership drive will receive a Govenors patch.

Pit Pass

Clubs that sign new members at their membership drive will have sponsors entered in a draw for a gas card (one entry per sponsored member) at the next Quarter Conference.